Wine growing

Harvest & Vinification

At the winery, “we handle grapes like fruit, with the utmost gentleness that the combination of human care and technology can afford.”

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For the philosophy of maximal respect for the fruit to be realized in the winery, we have resorted to the benefits provided by gravity for the transportation of grapes and wine.
In order to guarantee the best possible quality in winemaking, the following stages of the process are conducted with the aid of a gravity system, taking advantage of the different levels of the facilities:  . Grapes reception (1)
. Vat room (2)
. Barrel cellar (3)
. Bottling and storage room (4)
. Packing and shipping (5).

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The owners of Bodega DiamAndes and their consultant winemaker Michel Rolland share the philosophy that wines should be treated with the greatest gentleness that human care and technology can provide. Malartic’s technical team is also leading the elaboration of DiamAndes wines.

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Bodega DiamAndes’ wines are vinified in vats and then aged in French oak barrels, which are used for a maximum of three vintages. 
Wines, for part of them, are aged in French oak barrels imported by Bodega DiamAndes directly from the large forests of Allier in France and made by the best French coopers.
The elegant and harmonious barrel cellar, with space for 2800 barrels, was built completely underground, thus offering an ideally secluded storage area. Wines can rest there under controlled cool temperature conditions. Our estate-bottled are aged for a 10 to 18 month-period and are, as a result, complex, alluring, intense and well-balanced.

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